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Absolute Return IMA

Invest for strong and stable returns with lower volatility than broad equity market indices, with high levels of liquidity and strong focus on capital preservation in your own managed account.

The Chimaera Absolute Return IMA combines a high proportion of cash and fixed income securities to anchor volatility, with risk adjusted opportunities from global fixed income and equity markets.

The Chimaera Absolute Return Folio uses a multi strategy approach. A focus on yield enhancement strategies combined with targeted allocations based on macro driven ideas are implemented using bonds, equities, ETF’s, and listed derivatives.

Investments are selected from Global markets, principally Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong, with a strong focus on risk adjusted returns.

 Key Features:

  • Risk management techniques ensure a focus on capital preservation and risk management
  • Higher asset class allocation to fixed income and cash reduces overall volatility
  • Returns not necessarily dependent on stock market direction
  • Low transaction Costs
  • Daily liquidity (T+3)
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