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Fund Administration

Whether your business has interest in unlisted Managed Funds, an ETFs or the new to launch ASX mFund service, Chimaera Capital has built a platform designed to launch and operate such vehicles.

Utilise all parts of the Chimaera’s administration infrastructure, or choose areas which complement in house strengths. Cost effective, holistic solutions are available for the launch and ongoing management of white labelled Managed Investment Schemes (MIS).

We actively seek an involvement at an early stage, where our input and experience can often enhance and refine a product's broad goals into a digestible offering, ready for issue.

Introducing FundMandate™

FundMandate™ uses a two part Product Disclosure Format designed for flexibility and repeatability when issuing multiple products. Regulatory aspects, governance and risk are covered in separate sections whilst product specific details comprising each investment option, complete each separately ASIC registered Managed Investment Scheme.

When combined with some or all of Chimaera’s Fund services, FundMandate™ offers Fund sponsors a low cost and flexible Managed Investment Scheme solution which is suitable for ASX mFund quotation.

Speak to us about white labelling solutions using our FundMandate™

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