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Super Franked Index IMA

Invest for tax efficient equity income, in a diversified portfolio of ASX listed blue chip and other high quality companies in your own managed account.

Investors will gain exposure to the broad sector weightings associated with widely accepted market based indices such as the S&P / ASX 200.

High levels of franked dividends for the efficient allocation of imputation credits

The managed discretionary account structure combines the benefits of professional money management with the transparency, flexibility, controls and potential tax advantages of direct ownership of individual securities.

 Key Features:

  • Superior franked index achieved free from leverage or option overlay
  • No derivative exposures, complex financial instruments, or long dated bond securities.
  • Long term price returns consistent with Australian equity market risk profile with superior income generating potential.
  • Full transparency with online access to your account
  • Compatible with various equity risk hedging overlay strategies.
  • No inherited capital gains – a cost base is calculated for each investors IMA in accordance with actual transactions.
  • Beneficial interest by each investor in each investment
  • Regular withdrawal plan available
  • Suitable for Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investors.
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