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Australian Mining Index


Australian Mining Index

The perfect snapshot of the Australian mining sector - Australian miners with Australian assets. DIGGA is designed to track exclusively the performance of the Australian domestic mining sector without the inherent distortions arising from the inclusion of the global diversified miners or those Australian miners holding foreign assets. The result gives a unique and high level of transparency to this sector.

General Information and Methodology DIGGA

The Chimaera Australian Mining Index measures the performance of the Australian based mining sector within the ASX listed equity universe. The index includes approximately 70 of the largest publicly-traded companies in minerals and exploration businesses that meet specific investability and liquidity requirements.

As the Index is designed to provide a comprehensive and objective indicator of the Australian metals and mining sector, it is reconstituted regularly to ensure the very large stocks by capitalisation, including the global diversified miners, do not distort the performance and characteristics of this sector.

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