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Chimaera Index Advisors

Chimaera ETFs draws on the research and technical capabilities of Chimaera Index Advisors (CIS), which has a specialist brief to identify research and monitor investment themes which are emerging and not particularly well understood or represented within the current market place. CIS has created the Chimaera Index Series in conjunction with the Standard and Poors Custom Index Group. The Chimaera Index Series provides the market with pure play, Australian focussed equity indices, designed specifically to avoid inherent distortions that are unique to particular market sectors within the ASX listed equity universe.

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S&P Dow Jones Custom Indices

Provides independently calculated solutions that our clients need to meet specific investment criteria. Clients can select custom indices that are a slice of one of our existing indices or white label most of our indices across all asset classes. Drawing on our wealth of resources and significant industry knowledge, we construct, maintain and disseminate custom indices for investors, exchanges and ETF providers.

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Leading financial advisors, stockbrokers, institutions, accountants and SMSF administrators manage or administer over $45 billion worth of investments worldwide using Praemium’s services.

Built on a powerful transaction processing engine we call V-Wrap, Praemium is a market-leading provider of investment platforms, portfolio administration and CRM solutions with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey and Hong Kong.

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