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ETF Administration 

Chimaera Capital is an Authorised Participant (AP) of selected ASX listed ETFs. Our investment administration services for ETFs, have been designed to automate complex information flows, and cater to the demands of the daily regulatory reporting and pricing, required in the ETF segment. 

As an issuer of ETF’s Chimaera is able to offer its automated administration platform at a fraction of the cost of using the various service providers required for each function. Specifically Chimaera can offer back office services including:

  • Safekeeping and settlement
  • Income processing and corporate actions.
  • Recordkeeping and reporting
  • CHESS Sponsorship
  • Online Account Access
  • Flexibility to trade through multiple brokers
  • Scheme administration

As well as dedicated ETF services:

  • Daily Portfolio NAV calculation and market dissemination
  • Calculation of broker ETF baskets
  • Provision of estimated intraday NAV files
  • ETF Unit creation/redemption flows
  • Periodic statements and unit holder reporting
  • Third Party Registry selection and management
  • Preparation of Marketing documentation
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